Himalaya cycle ride '10
The Panamericana ride '05-'06
Trip statistics
Alaska (1-3)
Seward-Fairbanks (1)
Prudhoe Bay-Fairbanks (2)
Fairbanks-Canada (3)
Canada (4-6)
B. Creek-Whitehorse (4)
Whitehorse-P.George (5)
P. George-US Border (6)
USA (7-10)
Montana (7)
Wyoming (8)
Utah (9)
Arizona (10)
Mexico (11-15)
Sonora (11)
Southern Baja California (12)
Central Pacific coast (13)
Oaxaca/ Chiapas (14)
Mexico's volcanoes (15)
Guatemala (16)
El Salv. & Hond. (17)
Nicaragua (18)
Costa Rica (19)
Panama (20)
The Panama Canal
Ecuador (21-22)
Climbing in Ecuador (21)
Cycling Ecuador (22)
Peru (23-26)
Northern Peru (23)
Cordillera Blanca (24)
Central Peru (25)
Southern Peru (26)
Bol./ N. Chile (27-29)
Central Bolivia (27)
N. Chile/ Bolivia (28)
Chilean Altiplano (29)
Argentina (30-31)
Northern Argentina (30)
Central Argentina (31)
Patagonia (32)
Tierra del Fuego (33)
Trans Europe cycle ride '03
Equipment list for cycle touring
Contact and information

A 27000 km journey through North and South America on a bicycle                    (May 2005 to October 2006)  

The journey is documented in 33 different stages. Click on the country or region in the list on the left side.

START: 22.05.2005 in Alaska.

Halfway: February 2006 - Panama  

END: 01.10.2006 at the 'end of the world' in Tierra del Fuego.

Below: Cycling at 4000 m.a.s.l. on the Altiplano in Northern Chile, June 2006    

Altiplano in Northern Chile

Below :My very good friend from Sweden, Gabriel Albertsson accompanied me through all of South America. Cycling with him made the journey not just easier but also more fun!  Through South America we stuck to the Andes (11500km), a rough and hard route but extremely rewarding. 

Below: The half way mark of my trip: the summit of Cotopaxi, 5893 m.a.s.l. on the equator, Ecuador! Cycling the route through the America's is one thing, the experience along the way is the other!

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