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1) A ride across the roof of the world - the Himalaya cycle ride 2010

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The action packed ride through the Himalaya mountain range was documented with photos and a HD sports video camera .

Felix tested the new 'Pinion' gearbox. See report and video in the German magazine "Spiegel":,1518,714838,00.html

Right: Prototype gearbox with 18 gears, going through snow at 5300 m.a.s.l.
It was amazing to see how the 'Pinion' gearbox handled the rough roads. I was cycling with the 14 gear Rohloff speedhub while Felix was cycling with the Pinion 
The switching and feel of changing gears was quite amazing and compares well with the Rohloff.(
I personally will stick to the Rohloff 14 gear Speedhub on any long distance tours.        
Pinion gearbox

Gabriel and Felix on top of Kunzum La (4551m)

Top: Gabriel and Felix on top of Kunzum La pass (4551 m.a.s.l.) after the action packed ride along the Hindustan - Tibetan highway and up the Spiti valley along the Tibetan border. Felix was pointing to the range that we were going to cross the following days on the Manali - Leh highway with numerous passes up to 5330 m in height.

Below: The warm and friendly smiles of Ladakhi children, in the northern remote area of Kashmir (India) makes a cyclist feel very welcome.  

Friendly Ladakhi children

below: Felix test riding the 'Pinion' gearbox. One could think the gearbox is doing all the work for him!

Felix Fröhlich

Below: Daniel Willisegger as comfortable as ever on his old Papalagi

Daniel Willisegger in Lamayuru

More information about the trip along the Hindustan-Tibetan highway and the trip along the highest road in the world, visit the page:  Himalaya cycle ride 2010 .

We will hold a live-show beginning of 2011. If you wish to see it, please contact us under contact and information.

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my shadow while cycling along in the evening light on "Tierra del Fuego"